About Us

In 2007, like-minded deciduous fruit growers from the Koue Bokkeveld, Ceres (Western Cape), joined forces to establish downstream value chain operations to cater for systemic growth and enhancement of operational efficiency.

About Us

Who we are:

Three well established agricultural businesses in the Koue Bokkeveld, namely Bronaar Farms, Donkerbos Estate and Môrester Estate are involved in production of deciduous fruit and vegetables. Corefruit handle the marketing of the fruit produced from these growers. Each business in own right are also involved in black empowerment initiatives and together with their employees, the Group are committed in partnering with Bamco to establish a world-class Apple Packhouse. The development will create stakeholder value, synergy, operational effectiveness and new opportunities for all role players and the local community.

What we do:

Our growers are passionate about growing high quality apples and pears for the local and export markets through environmental friendly and sustainable practices. Bamco receive apples and pears in bulk bins and then manage the process of cooling, storing, sorting, packing and shipping of packed fruit. The process will handle the fruit efficiently through the cold chain with the latest technology, to boost productivity and driven with renewable solar energy.

Bamco Coldrooms (PTY) LTD

On 1st July 2007 the business was established and suitable land was bought in 2008 near the town Op-Die-Berg. The first 12 CA rooms was constructed for the 2009 harvest. The next 12 rooms was constructed in 2011 and the following 24 rooms was commissioned in 2014 with the latest DCA technology. The complex has a current capacity to store 41,040 bins of deciduous fruit under controlled atmosphere.


Bamco Packing (PTY) LTD

Due to continued growth in the fruit industry and limited availability in packing infrastructure in the Ceres Valley, the partners had to take the next logical step, which was to build a deciduous fruit Packhouse. Suitable land was bought between Prince Alfred Hamlet and Ceres. The site is ideally suited for a “greenfields” project and the location will benefit the industry and contribute to job creation in the Ceres Valley. Construction started in November 2016 and phase 1 of the Packhouse need to be operational for the 2018 harvest with a capacity of handling 90,000 bins annually.